Todd Shimkus
On Leap Day, February 29, 2016, we mobilized hundreds of people to us this extra day to do something kind for someone else.
Knowing 2016 was a Leap Year, we convened a special task force in the Fall of 2015 and asked them: what would you do with an extra day? After they spoke about the many wonderful things they'd do for their friends, family, coworkers, neighbors and community, we shared with them that in less than six months they'd get one extra day to actually do those things. One of the members of the group suggested we call it Leap of Kindness Day. In January, we announced our plans for #leapofkindnessday before a crowd of 700 people at our annual dinner. By the time February 29th arrived, we had dozens of organizations and hundreds of people saying thank you to or helping thousands of people from nursing home residents, to school bus drivers, our local police and fire, Veterans, and nonprofit organizations. Nearly 50 chambers of commerce around the country decided to celebrate #leapofkindnessday with us by mobilizing people to do something kind for someone else in their communities too. That evening, we saw posts on social media from around the US as well as India, Italy, Mexico and Singapore. We believe, in 2020, that #LeapOfKindnessDay can and will be even bigger and that chambers of commerce are uniquely positioned to make this happen for the benefit of their communities, their members and their organizations.




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