Consolidation and Creation of a County-Wide 911 Emergency Dispatch Center

Pamela Hall
Continuing our dedication to business and community advocacy efforts, 2016 saw the opening of a more efficient, safer, and more responsive
For many years, the Chamber has called for, and been a force in efforts to consolidate and combine the Marion City and County 911 dispatch centers. Those efforts finally came to fruition earlier this year with the opening of the combined county-wide 911 dispatch center under the direction of Marion County Sheriff Tim Bailey. Emergency dispatch services for Marion County prior to consolidation were inefficient, unsafe, and an improper use of taxpayer dollars. An example is a 911 cellular call made in Marion. In the old system the call would go to the sheriff’s department where a dispatcher had to ask the caller what and where the emergency is; if it is determined that the caller is in the city, the caller is transferred to a city dispatcher who then would ask the same questions before services are dispatched. Valuable time is lost and this can sometimes lead to confusion. This also meant spending taxpayer dollars to maintain and update two dispatch facilities. As we celebrate our 100 anniversary, this is just the latest example of our Chamber’s continued focus on protecting and improving the business and community climate in Marion.




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