Holiday Punch Card Campaign (Be Local, Buy Local)

Ashley Geist
A campaign encouraging community members to shop locally at Chamber Member Businesses between Nov. 1-Dec. 22 annually
The Chamber Holiday Punch Card Campaign (aka Be Local, Buy Local) is a fun program we run annually from November 1st through December 22nd. It encourages community participation with the Chamber, engages community members with Chamber Member Businesses, and gives people an incentive to shop locally, all with the potential to win some prizes in reward for shopping locally. Beginning on November 1st each year, community members are asked to start saving their receipts from Chamber Member Businesses and bring them in to the Chamber Office. Chamber staff totals up receipt amounts, and for every $50 a person spends at a Chamber Members Business, they are entered in to a prize drawing, with prizes donated by local businesses; the higher the receipts total, the more prize drawing slips someone gets. (I.E. If you spent $500, you would get 10 drawing slips.) People can enter as many times as they would like during the dates the campaign runs and we have been seeing more people participate with each passing year. People look forward to the program and are anxious to get involved.




Grand Prize

Second Prize

Third Prize