Portage Area Chamber of Commerce

Marianne Hanson
Career Fair at Portage High Schol
Through collaborative meetings this team along with local manufacturers created the first Career Fair at Portage High School in April 2014 for grades 8-12 involving 20 manufacturers and businesses. The 2nd Fair took place the next year in October of 2014 involving 24 manufacturers and businesses plus six schools were added in addition to our own district of Portage. In total more than 1200 students in our County were introduced to potential careers. the Career Fair will again be held on a rotation of Career Fair one year and Manufacturing/Business onsite tours and sessions the opposite year. In the spring of 2016, we have already had close to 100 students get the opportunity to visit multiple businesses for onsite visits in 5 communities.
Team Members:
  • Portage High School
  • Columbia County Economic Development Corporation




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