Innovation Showcase

Julie Williams
Expect the unexpected with this expo. Focus on Pillars of Excellence vs. industry; people vs. products; differentiation vs. commonplace.
Innovation isn’t just for start-ups. Great ideas come from various people and teams throughout a company. What is it that makes your business innovative? How do you differentiate from your competitors? Last October, our Chamber Members participated in the region’s one and only show that promoted and celebrated business differentiation and thought leadership. As an Innovation Showcase Contributor, they had opportunities to educate attendees about their unique proposition and share best practices making it a win-win for everyone – attendees get to learn from leaders in their categories while contributors got to creatively pitch their business in a way you never have before. Companies were placed in one of six Pillars of Excellence for Innovation including: Power of Partnerships, Efficiency @ Work, Community Impact, Work/Life Integration, Customer Experience, and Ever Green. In addition to these Pillars, we had Innovation Row where we showcased local start-ups who were sponsored into the show by Chamber members. It was such a unique tradeshow concept that our exposition company had never designed such a floorplan before!




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Second Prize

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