Spruce Grove & District Chamber of Commerce Family Life & Leisure Expo

Dianne Pilla
We hosted a carnival themed Expo suited to our city’s demographic where members had the opportunity to interact in a fun and exciting way.
Our member involvement in the community Expo was declining, our attendance at the Expo was declining and our economy was showing a downturn. We studied our demographic (average age is 34 and most populated age is 5 years old), the consumers in our city, and how we could help. We offered an affordable family event that would attract local consumers where our members could build their network, and showcase their commitment to our community. We hosted a carnival themed event to attract the residents of our community and our members were the "carnie's" that facilitated all the fun!
Team Members:
  • Dianne Pilla
  • Brenda Johnson




Grand Prize

Second Prize

Third Prize