London Chamber of Commerce

Kristen Duever
The Young Professionals Policy Roundtable is an initiative aimed engaging more of London's young professionals in business advocacy work.
The London Chamber of Commerce has long been a leader in Canada when it comes to our policy work. In an effort to get more young professionals involved in policy work, the Young Professionals Policy Roundtable (YPPR) was born. A Steering Committee hand selected a group of 30 young professionals in a wide variety of sectors and now hosts 3 to 4 roundtable sessions per year in which participants debate policy issues at the municipal, provincial and federal levels; hear from expert guest speakers; and provide recommendations to the Chamber's policy committee. Between roundtable sessions, the group meets virtually in a closed Linkedin group where they have access to draft policy papers and can provide further input.
Team Members:
  • Gerry Macartney




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