How to Open and Grow Your Business in Blue Springs

This is a comprehensive program that created an abrupt change in our community’s previous flow of information to new and existing business.
In mid-2014, the Blue Springs Chamber of Commerce partnered with the City of Blue Springs and the Economic Development Corporation (EDC) as well as the Jackson County EDC to create and publish a ‘How to Open and Grow Your Business in Blue Springs’ guide. This guide provides one source of information about resources for the business community and creates a unified, easy to understand message across multiple agencies. It consolidates the City’s fragmented business development resources and established the Chamber as the initial point of contact for new, relocating or expanding businesses in Blue Springs. Since then, it has grown substantially to include two companion pieces, regular business expos and a new division in the local government devoted to helping the business community. New partners including the Mid-Continent Public Library, SCORE and MO Extension Office have been added.




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