20/20 Networking

Unique marketing program for developing sales opportunities and contacts, where guests also enjoy a hands-on, learning experience.
The Hartland Chamber of Commerce invited another local chamber to join us in providing a unique, low-cost networking AND educational opportunity for our combined members. Our 20/20 Networking program is an effective marketing program for developing sales opportunities and contacts, based upon referrals and introductions, where members interact with business peers from the surrounding Lake Country area. We were looking for a way to engage and highlight business members who cannot host a traditional business after hours due to their business hours, and with access to other networking programs, we were interested in a different format. To keep costs down, this program is slated from 11:30 - 12:30 once a month with no meal served. However, the timing allows for easy transition to lunch where participants can continue networking on their own. We provide a list of local member eateries for their convenience and to promote those members too. We look for a Beverage Sponsor to provide soda/water for the one hour event. Some years, the Sponsor has requested the whole year rather than a single meeting. Cost to pre-registered members is $5(non-refundable); $10 at door; $15 for non-members. The one hour session is broken into 20 minute increments : First 20 minutes for networking; second 20 minutes for a hands-on, interactive "learn a new skill set" session; final 20 minutes is flexible either for questions/additional networking/additional learning or 20 second "Enlightening Rounds" where participants enlighten us with the fact of the day. Since everyone might not arrive at the same time and consequently might not get to meet everyone, we give them 20-seconds to tell us their name and business, and either describe their ideal customer or share a fact about themselves that no one would know unless they had shared it - fun stuff is revealed! At these one hour sessions we have learned to play the ukulele in 20 minutes; learned to be a mixologist in 20 minutes; learned to write a press release in 20 minutes; learned to toss a pizza crust in 20 minutes; learned to be a golf pro in 20 minutes; learned to increase our memory power in 20 minutes; learned about craft beers in 20 minutes; learned to throw a pot on the pottery wheel in 20 minutes, etc.




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