Greg Hofbauer
THRIVE helps develop Richmond, Virginia small businesses by providing local entrepreneurs with free mentoring, training, and services.
The small business sector in Richmond has seen significant and rapid growth over the past few years. Like many Small Business Development Centers, ChamberRVA had been using a traditional in-house business counselor model which was not scalable and not effectively addressing the diverse needs of our area’s entrepreneurs. ChamberRVA pivoted our model and launched THRIVE, a unique mentor match-making program that connects entrepreneurs to a network of local business leaders who offer FREE expertise in all aspects of business. With over 30 active mentors, including legal, financing, marketing, strategy, social media and more, THRIVE provides real-time guidance to entrepreneurs via one-on-one mentoring sessions conducted by experts in their field. THRIVE is also working with mentors to create educational classes and programs that will reach an even larger number of mentees. By engaging local business leaders who are enthusiastic about THRIVE and its purpose, the program has gained grassroot support and has experienced exponential growth since its debut in January of 2015.




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