Holiday Chamber Cheer - Santa Fe Springs Chamber of Commerce

Colin Diaz
This program unified efforts, fortified the good work of the chamber, increase awareness and promoted good will in the community
Every year, people seem to lighten up and care for one another a bit more from the months of November - February. We've found that in creating a program, or initiative, that not only encourages more of this, but also fosters an environment where those activities can be celebrated and recognized, we could successful create a true win-win-win [Chamber, business community, residents]. Our program, Chamber Holiday Cheer, ran from late November 2015 - December 2015 and involved our Ambassadors, Board of Directors, Members, Prospects, Staff and City Council. In this program, we tagged every program, event and meeting, during that time, with a charitable angle. Some committees made home-care baskets for a local non-profit that supports adults with disabilities, some signed holiday cards for people at the local VA hospital, while others delivered baked goods to the local law enforcement agencies. This process became contagious and in total, we had 6 committees, dozens of businesses, hundreds of members and whole staff participating. The great cheer and collaboration that was felt created a ripple that lasted through the 1st quarter of 2016. These efforts were documented, shared and celebrated in our various social media platforms, as well as our monthly Newspaper.




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