Chamber Birthday Campaign

Leah Poole
We decided to celebrate the Chamber's 40th anniversary as a "birthday" instead and all year long with something new & creative each quarter.
Instead of doing the typical Chamber "anniversary" we decided to use the idea of a "birthday" instead. Our board wanted to add something to our already robust program of work new for each quarter to make our members feel involved in the Chamber and in the community. Our first quarter activity was a chili cook-off during the workday that members were invited to participate in with their best chili recipe at no cost. We had 15 teams, including a Chamber team. Our second quarter activity we hosted a Backyard BBQ Bash just for our members on our grounds at no charge. We ask people for money every day, so giving them a meal at no cost, complete with birthday decorations and presents for the members, was a nice change of pace. Over 130 people showed up to celebrate with us! Our third quarter activity will be a school supply drive. It was important to our board that we do something to reiterate the Chamber commitment to the community and that will be accomplished when we present our School Board Superintendent with gobs and gobs of school supplies come August. And then finally for the fourth quarter we will host one of our regular monthly lunches but with a panel of past board chairmen/women who will speak about where the Chamber was and where it is going. One of the oldest we have left is 87 (he'll be 88 by then), and he will be attendance. Our belief being that we can't move forward without knowing where we've been and how we got there in the first place.




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