Clause for a Cause

Glenda Jones
To help school children have food to take home on weekends that might be their only source of food.
A couple of years ago, the Chamber Executive Board made the decision to ask the outgoing Chair of the Chamber to select an entity to donate to that would help give to children that would benefit the community, not only at the holiday season but all year long. The decision was to assist the locale YMCA and Walker County School System at our annual December Membership Meeting by asking members to donate to the Clause for A Cause of buying backpacks for school children, putting food items in the packs allowing the children to take home food that would help get the child through the weekend because sometimes that is all the child might have to get them through. It has been a wonderful endeavor and now each week on Tuesdays, Chamber Members and members of the community show up to help fill the backpacks with food items. They also have a summer program. We never know if some underprivileged school children has enough to eat when they leave school for the weekend during the school year or during the summer.




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