New Albany Chamber of Commerce

Tracy McVey
Shop.Dine.Stay. Video
As the internet is experiencing a major shift from one-dimensional text to short form video, the New Albany Chamber of Commerce's idea to start a video series program was born. We wanted to use video marketing to tell a story, create brand loyalty and drive website traffic. The ShopDineStay video provides valuable information about the community that viewers can access quickly. With this program, aiming for quality was paramount. The goal is to use videos to tell the New Albany story, to inform website and social media viewers about the New Albany community, give them the information they seek, and have their questions answered. The feedback from chamber members and the community as a whole has been very positive. This is just one more opportunity for people to experience firsthand the special vibe that is unique to New Albany, Ohio.
Team Members:
  • Teresa Archer
  • Cherie Nelson




Grand Prize

Second Prize

Third Prize