Wild Game Dinner

Jennifer Hudson
Sharing great food and fun with the community.
This event was created with a vision of sharing good food with our friends and family. This event is attended by over 3500 people. It is an all you can eat wild game dinner for $20 per person. We have over 30+ cook teams from all over South Texas who gather to put on their aprons and prepare savory dishes that outshine the other teams. Venison, quail, Nilgai, hog, crawfish, are just some of the types of meat you will see at the Wild Game Dinner. The mayor of Boerne, Mike Schultz has his own team called the Burgermeisters (in Germany, the Burgermeister is the town’s mayor)—Mayor Schultz’s team specializes in Bison Sliders. This event raises money to help provide programs and events to the chamber members year round as well as funds 4 scholarships for graduating Kendall County seniors.
Team Members:
  • Lynn Richter
  • Joe Granados
  • Alicia Giguere
  • Michele Williams
  • Mary Sue Hurdt




Grand Prize

Second Prize

Third Prize