Central Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce

JIm O'Neil
Farm City is a program highlighting the Agribusiness sector of the Chamber and its economic impact to Palm Beach County and Florida.
Agribusiness contributes over $3Billon to the Palm Beach County economy and roughly $8Billion to the State of Florida. Within the Central Palm Beach Chamber our Agribusiness members comprise one of the largest segments of membership. As a way of highlighting this economic force the Central Palm Beach Chamber created the Farm City event as a way to showcase the Agribusiness sector and the individual members. The event also allowed the Chamber to shine a light on the various industries, and how they are utilizing technological advances to increase/enhance utilization per acre of farmland.
Team Members:
  • Theresa Carlsen
  • Mary Lou Bedford
  • Emily Statnick
  • Kim Alter
  • Johnny Brief
  • Martina Sanchez




Grand Prize

Second Prize

Third Prize