The Shop Vashon Campaign

James Marsh
"Showrooming" Leads to Real World Connections
The Shop Vashon Campaign started in 2013 when our local Chamber Executive Director a local book store owner witnessed a local resident "showroom" the book store by buying a book she had been examining in the store online. The Chamber and it's members developed a campaign to remind people to do more than shop local but to Shop Vashon. It started with a program for retailers called the Shop Vashon Passport and grew into other member lead programs such as trade shows for contractor, wedding services and health and wellness providers. We countered the ease and allure of using online resources by creating fun events where residents interacted with their neighborhood businesses. While shopping at a neighborhood store is not new it seemed that people needed a compelling reminder to shop local and meeting people face to face sometimes leads to better results than consulting a search engine.




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