Taste of Evergreen

Kim Lange
Taste of Evergreen is a community event where 18+ food and drink vendors share their wares with 400+ people from our Evergreen, Colorado com
I know that most Chambers have a "Taste of" event, but we think our "Taste" event is extraordinary, because of the innovative marketing we've done for it. Taste of Evergreen is a wonderful community event hosted by the Evergreen Area Chamber of Commerce that brings together local food and drink vendors and the fun loving people of this community. It is held at the Evergreen Lake House, which provides a beautiful mountain backdrop to the evening of live music, food, drinks and community fellowship. This year our goal was to brand the event to make it more visible to the public and to create a program that our members would want to be a part of. We procured sponsorship to fund the event, which in turn, gives the sponsors unique exposure via social, print and event media. Different levels of sponsorship meant that some sponsors displayed their own banners, but we also created nice looking vertical logo banners that hung down above the crowd. This not only gave our sponsors and vendors more visibility, but the banners hanging down over the crowd added to the décor of the event. Each sponsor and vendor received a digital “Proud Sponsor” or “come see us at” icon for the Taste of Evergreen to display on their websites. We also connected social media posts with the sponsors’ and vendors’ logos that went out several times a day and had the direct registration link. The consistent social media coverage created excitement and urgency about getting tickets before we sold out. We have created a special “Taste of Evergreen” page on our website so that the public can see the sponsors, vendors and fun photos from the previous year, along with all of the information and a registration button (the button will appear when registration begins). The sponsors and vendors will be visible for the entire year on our website. The attendance at the Taste of Evergreen increased from 250 people in 2015 to 400 in 2016 and gained rave reviews by everyone as such a fun time, not to be missed! There was a raffle which funds our yearly college scholarship, with twenty + prizes which raised $900 just at this event. We collected votes on the "Best Bite of the Taste" where our vendors enter their samples in the "One Bite Challenge". It was mac & cheese vs. cupcakes, vs. BBQ—a twist on the chili cook off concept. It gave our vendors a chance to show off their best culinary assets. The vendors gain exposure with their participation, while showing that they are involved in our community.
Team Members:
  • Sheralyn Austin-Gagne
  • Betsy Hays
  • Marilynn Bell
  • Betsy Semmens
  • Tracy Murray




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